Chinese Culture

using Chinese Romanization correctly

How to Use Chinese Romanization Correctly

Chinese Romanization is an integral part of the localization process for companies who are already active in the Middle Kingdom and for those businesses who are entering the Chinese market. This Tenba Group article presents the process of correctly localizing Chinese data, which requires Chinese romanization, as well as the related challenges and solutions for …

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Chinese business culture

Chinese Business Culture

Understanding Chinese business culture opens high-potential avenues for your brand in the Middle Kingdom! In this blog article by Tenba Group, your China online marketing company, we reveal what’s important for Western companies when successfully expanding and doing business in China. The specialties of the Chinese business culture are one of the most sought-after information …

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Internet Censorship in China - All you need to know

Internet Censorship in China : How to Still Market Online

Internet censorship in China remains one of the last large-scale online censorships in the world while in many countries of the world, freedom of speech is a reality. Businesses feel that navigating a unique digital environment is too complex, but, this “Great Firewall of China” does not have to limit the success of businesses trying …

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