Search Engine Optimization China with Domain Authority

Search Engine Optimization in China with Domain Authority

Are you wondering how to boost your search engine optimization in China and around the world? Let us introduce Moz Domain Authority (DA). It is a metric system that allows businesses to define how well their websites are doing on search engines compared to their competitors.

Successful online marketing in China and around the globe requires a strong digital presence in combination with SEOptimized content.

In this week’s article by Tenba Group, your trusted China marketing agency, we explore the topic of Domain Authority. First, we introduce Moz. Then, we reveal how to utilize this metric to improve your website’s rankings in search results.

Since quality backlinks become more and more important for Baidu, Moz DA is also a good reference point for SEO in China.

What is Moz Domain Authority?

To begin with, Domain Authority is a ranking score for search engines developed by Moz. It helps businesses to estimate which websites will rank better on the result pages of search engines. The scores are calculated from 1 to 100. Of course, 100 has the greatest ability to rank. With this score, you can compare your website to others.

The score takes into account several factors on the domain’s or subdomain’s content. Among the most important factors are the number of links to the root domain and the total number of links.

Keep in mind that improving your score is a time-intense process. Plus, in general, it is easier to increase a score from 30 to 40 compared to from 60 to 70.

While there are other providers – like Majestic CF/TF and Ahrefs DR/UR –  to measure and analyze similar metrics, this article will focus on Moz DA. Majestic CF/TF stands for citation flow and trust flow respectively. Ahrefs DR/UR refers to domain rating and URL rating.

What is a Good DA Score?

But what exactly qualifies as a good Domain Authority score? Popular websites with a large number of high-quality links, such as Wikipedia, have top marks on the DA scale.

Medium to small business websites have less inbound links. This means that there are fewer links from other quality websites linking back to these websites, so-called backlinks. The value of other websites linking to a website is higher than a website linking among itself.

domain authority

Many SMEs have internal links to their own content instead of inbound links from other quality websites. This is because those backlinks are more difficult to get. Thus, SME websites tend to get lower Domain Authority scores. New websites almost always begin with a Domain Authority score of zero or one.

In fact, Moz Domain Authority recently announced a new change to its training algorithm. The new model considers the link count and can identify spam links, quality link distribution, and website traffic. This makes the new Domain Authority model better at scoring websites.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

It is important to note that the Domain Authority (DA) is not the same as Page Authority (PA). The DA score provides information on how well a domain ranks.

On the other hand, PA is a separate score from Moz that predicts the successful ranking of a specific page on search engine results. Page Authority takes into consideration link count plus more than 40 other factors, such as keyword use, and page speed.

Keep in mind that Google does not use Domain Authority or Page Authority scores for its search engine results. However, the factors, which Moz uses to determine the DA and PA scores are largely identical to the ones that Google uses. Therefore, businesses can use these scores (indirectly) to improve their Google and Baidu SEO.

Benefits of a High DA?

Domain Authority is a comparative-based metric, which helps businesses to figure out how they rank in comparison to their competitors. A high Domain Authority score should not be the main goal. Instead, Domain Authority is a powerful analytics metric for search engine optimization in China and around the world.

The new changes of the Moz Domain Authority include an index of 35 trillion links. These links provide Moz with more and newer link data for metric scores. Now, they more closely resemble real search engine results order.

To sum it up, a higher DA score ensures that a website is practicing good SEO techniques. Slowly working to improve the score keeps your business competitive with its content and marketing.

Whether you are targeting Chinese consumers or buyers from other parts of the world, staying up-to-date and ahead of your competition is crucial in this fast-paced business environment.

7 Steps to Increase Your Search Engine Rank with Moz

Now you know that Moz created the Domain Authority and Page Authority algorithms that use machine learning models with link data from actual search results. 

Moreover, Moz generated a scoring system that is hard to influence directly. The most significant way to improve your website’s ranking on search engines as well as improve its Domain Authority score is to apply better SEO tactics.

You can improve your international and China SEO with these 7 steps:

1. Develop a Smart SEO Tactic

Developing a strategy is always the first step. It helps to know your niche. You can also think of your target audience and your USP, take a look at your competitors and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, make sure to take a look at your main competitors, what and how they advertise. How do they rank on search engines and with what type of content? Which content will help your business to surpass them?

Maybe you can even get some inspiration from Sun Tzu’s Art of War for your online marketing and SEO strategy?

2. Select Appropriate Keywords

The perfect keyword in your niche has a high volume and low difficultity. Focus on longtail keywords and buyer intent keywords to reach an audience that is more ready to finalize a purchase. Besides, adjust your content to voice search, as this gains more and more popularity.

3. Provide Added Value

Make sure that your content provides value through utility, emotional, or point of view directives for the searcher and reader.

4. Add Infographics or Videos

Content that presents a variety of structures is more engaging to readers. This can be infographics or videos. The advantage is that this is unique content (compared to stock images and videos).

Plus, you can share this unique content, for example, on your TikTok/Douyin, Youku, or Bilibili channels. Besides, this increases your link-building opportunities.

5. Set Links

Use Moz Domain Authority to find quality link-sharing platforms. Adding external links on your website strengthens your position.

6. Acquire Backlinks

Link-building takes time. But it certainly pays off. For instance, you can analyze your competitors with tools like SEMrush and reach out to sites with a high DA to reference to your website.

Make it easy for them to see the added value of linking to your website. This could be a point in an article they are missing or outdated information, where you provide more current insight.

7. Measure the Progress & Adapt

As with every strategy, regularly measure the progress and adapt your strategy, where necessary. Use the dashboard to analyze and evaluate the data.

Moz Pro & Moz Local

Moz offers the paid packages Moz Pro and Moz Local to help businesses with their SEO strategies, link-building opportunities, and keyword research. However, anyone with the Chrome internet browser can download the free MozBar, an all-in-one SEO toolbar.

Simply install Moz as a Google Chrome Extension. Afterward, click on the Moz icon to view the Domain Authority and other important metrics for the selected website.

Search Engine Optimization in China

Of course, you can also apply Moz DA to improve your Chinese website. As you know, Google is the search engine leader around the world. In China, Baidu is most popular with a market share of 66%. Other relevant search engines in the Middle Kingdom include Qihoo 360, Sogou, and Shenma.

As such, search engines in China also have their individual SEO tools, for example, Chinaz and Aizhan. They work similarly to SEMrush. Likewise, the authority metric is similar to MOZ DA, Majestic CF/TF, and Ahrefs DR/UR.

Search Engine Optimization China with Moz DA

In China, the authority between desktop computers and mobile users differs. By the way, so does the keyword research. To sum it up, these are the authorities for Chinese search engines:

  • Baidu Authority (desktop; mobile)
  • Qihoo 360 Authority (desktop; mobile)
  • Sogou Authority (desktop; mobile)
  • Shenma Authority (desktop; mobile)

Click here to read answers to the most frequently asked questions around the Baidu search engine. Plus, we reveal the most important do’s and don’ts of SEO on Baidu.

The Takeaway

Ranking high on the search results pages of Google, Baidu and Co. is an important marketing strategy. SEO techniques like link-building lead to greater digital branding success, increase leads, and sales.

Moz Domain Authority is a links-based metric system. It provides clarity in the often confusing world of search engine optimization. Besides, it can help businesses compare their efforts to their competitors. Therefore, Moz is a valuable assessment metric to do SEO successfully.

Search Engine Optimization China with Domain Authority

To sum it up, if you want to find out more about how to use Moz Domain Authority as a metric for your business or seek help to improve your SEO in China and internationally, don’t worry!

We at Tenba Group, your trusted SEO agency for China, are here for you! Besides, take a look at our FAQ page, where we answer many questions about digitalization and digital marketing in China and around the world.

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