The 2020 Mautic Marketing Automation Review

Are you looking for a Mautic Marketing Automation Review in 2020? Or are you wondering what marketing automation is all about in the first place? What has got to do with it all? Look no further!

In this week’s blog article by Tenba Group, we tap into automated marketing, the open source solution called Mautic and reveal the features and benefits of „Mautic managed by“.

Why use marketing automation?

Online marketing often means financial and time investments, which may be successful or not. This can cause many sleepless nights.

Imagine a life where you…

  • always reach the right people, through the right channels and at the right time
  • build sustainable and successful relationships with your customers
  • have time for yourself and money for further investment

With a suitable Marketing Automation Solution, this dream is about to become a reality! Let us introduce “Mautic”.

What is Mautic?

Founded in 2014, Mautic is the first open source marketing automation cloud. It is a cutting edge marketing automation platform, powered by the open-source technology. In May 2019, Acquia – an open digital experience platform – acquired Mautic. By now, more than 200,000 organizations are using Mautic in more than 30 languages.

What is Mautic?

Mautic is an open source marketing automation software that revolutionized the area of marketing automation tools, just like WordPress did for building websites.

Mautic offers everything you need to: 

  • manage your subscribers and customers from the first contact to successful sales
  • setup email campaigns and newsletters with a campaign builder
  • create fantastic sales funnels on all the channels your customers use: emails, websites, pop-up, push-notifications, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Facebook chatbot, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The classic features are:

  • email marketing
  • automated campaigns – automatic marketing and sales funnels, matching the customer and their interests
  • creation of landing pages and lead generation forms

There are basically no limits to further development. The community is growing and since Mautic is an open-source software you can add plugins easily and do customized on-demand development.

Mautic managed by

Mautic is an open source and self-hosted software. Open source means you can download the software for free. Self-hosted means you need a few other services to keep the software running and doing exactly what you want (including a hosting provider, a server, an email delivery provider, etc.).

For open-source software, it is necessary to modify and integrate the software according to the individual needs of a business. This is where makes your life easier with the “Managed Mautic Solution”.

Hartmut works with the open source software Mautic and solves the difficult technical part for you in the background. This includes:

  1. hosting
  2. setting up and maintaining the server
  3. data storage
  4. installing the Mautic software
  5. setting up and managing the email dispatch, including spam and bounce management, server services, etc.
  6. essential settings for security, performance and legal compliance (GDPR)
  7. templates for marketing campaigns: emails, newsletters, funnels, etc.
  8. regular updates checked by
  9. academy: learning videos for all members on the effective use of software and digital marketing
Mautic managed by

This integration builds the technical basics for you and ensures the smooth running of your marketing campaigns. Easily overcome the challenges of hosting, maintenance, updates and much more with this easy-to-use integration!

Excellent support based on extensive experience is included so that you can focus on the essentials of your marketing: reaching your existing and potential customers with relevant news and valuable content. This and its attractive price really sets apart from competitors like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Klick Ttipp, and Mailchimp.

With the open source connection to various channels, Hartmut also makes it easier for you to conquer an international market, including the number one emerging economy: China. As Hartmut is constantly improving its product, a social media plugin is under development.

Mautic Marketing Automation Review

With its versatile functions, Mautic users can personalize and automate their entire “digital experience”. Old marketing automation platforms are closed, complicated and expensive. In comparison, Mautic is flexible, intuitive and budget-friendly. 

  1. User-friendly software 
    • effortlessly create and control your marketing campaigns
    • easily track the success of your campaigns
    • almost limitless extensibility and longevity of the entire system
  2. Targeted content 
    • Pick up your customers where they are and deliver the content they want – from email to push notifications, website pop-ups, landing pages, SMS, and other messenger services.
  3. Highest security 
    • secure hosting
    • the fastest server architecture available
    • continuous update of the software, email service, and the interface to integrated services like WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook Messenger
  4. Legal compliance
    • GDPR-compliance
  5. Outstanding customer support
    • Your questions will be answered with many useful tips

This marketing automation tool is the most flexible, intuitive and budget-friendly solution for anyone who wants to fully automate and take their marketing to the next level. Read more about the pros and cons of Mautic users.

The Takeaway

Tenba Group is excited to offer the Mautic managed by integration in Cyprus together with our experienced and professional international partner.

To summarize, these are the top 10 reasons why Mautic is one of the best open source marketing automation tools. Read more here.

  1. user-friendly interface: drag & drop system
  2. A/B testing
  3. contact management: segmentation of contacts based on tags and categories
  4. lead scoring: automatic scoring to the contacts to generate the perfect customer for sales
  5. centralized connection to other marketing channels (multi-channel communication): sending personalized messages through all communication channels
  6. dynamic content: create customized content for your emails, websites, and pop-ups based on user behavior
  7. comprehensive tracking across all channels: only relevant messages are sent to customers via the exact channels where they are located
  8. clear analysis and simple reporting
  9. third-party integration: connect Mautic with all other programs relevant to your business
  10. outstanding support at the “Mautic managed by” integration

Mautic by - the 2020 Mautic Marketing Automation Review

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