Create a Website in 2020 – 9 Step Business Insider Guide

In this day and age, you may ask yourself: Is it still relevant to create a website for my business?

In a time where Facebook and Instagram lead the social media hype and are a playground for business – do I really need a state-of-the-art website? And if yes, how do I make a website without spending too much money?

The business insiders of Tenba Group have the answer for you. In this blog post, we explain the advantages of having a modern website and integrated website marketing services. And we’ve compiled a free Step-By-Step Guide to build a website from scratch.

The 9 Steps to Create a Good Website

Are you ready to learn how to make a website? Here comes our detailed Step-By-Step Guide for easy setup.

Create a Website in 2019 - 9 Step Business Insider Guide

This guide will take you through the process smoothly.

1. Secure Your Domain Name

Once you have decided on your business name, it’s time to choose a domain and register it. To do so, visit an online domain name registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Type in the domain name, which you want to buy to check if it is available. If yes, go ahead and buy it. On average, a new domain costs between 10 to 15 USD per year.

Tip: Make sure not to infringe any brand copyrights. The best way to avoid any conflict is to check the trademark database of your location. There are free options, for example, the trademark engine.

2. Chose Your Web Hosting Provider

To make your website accessible via the world-wide-web, you need a web hosting service. Cloud hosting is the preferred option by industry experts. In general, cloud hosting is seen as more reliable, secure, and faster than shared hosting.

One of the best cloud hosting services in 2019 is Cloudways. Test this user-friendly, powerful, and highly configurable application with a trial brought to you by Tenba Group.

Tip: Cloudways allows you to install WordPress, Magento, and other Apps with just a few clicks for the same monthly price.

3. Create a Business Website

You can either design a website from scratch, using for example Dreamweaver. Web developers use HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript to design code.

In case you are not a programmer, there are more simple ways to create a website and manage the content with a CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is one of the best website builders, running over 50% of all websites worldwide.

It’s easy to install WordPress and use its many popular Plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form, Google Analytics, paid, and free themes.

Tip: Since WordPress is a popular platform it gets its fair share of malicious attacks. Ensure your online protection with up-to-date anti-virus software.

You can also consider hiring a professional web development company or a WordPress agency like Tenba Group to create a website for you. In case all of this sounds complicated or you simply want to focus on other aspects of your business, Tenba Group is here to help.

With our specialization in digital solutions and Chinese marketing, you will conquer the digital world and boost your brand with ease!

4. Stay Ahead of Mobile Trends

Make sure that your homepage is responsive. This means it is mobile-friendly and looks its best across all devices – from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. This will increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your website.

Mobile devices have become essential for everyday life, and they are transforming consumer behavior. And not only that, search engines like Google reward responsive websites by advancing their ranking.

Activate Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This extension enables pages to load quickly on mobile devices.

Tip: Optimizing a website for Voice Search is another great way to improve usability and provide added value for the user.

5. Make Your Page International

The world-wide-web brings us closer together. This applies to consumers, businesses, and markets alike. As a business owner, this provides an exciting chance to link to new markets and audiences worldwide.

Did you know that Asia accounts for more than 50% of the currently over 4 billion internet users? Needless to say that a Chinese Website can skyrocket your business. Add content specifically for the Chinese market, and you unlock this global potential.

Make Your Page International

Tip: No matter, where your business is located, English is the most-used language online. Nearly 1 billion users communicate in this language. Chinese takes spot number two. It is the fastest-growing language in the world!

6. Ensure Legal Compliance

Since May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect in the EU. It is a regulation to protect the data and the privacy of individuals in the European Union.

Following this legal regulation will keep your company GDPR compliant. Don’t risk fines of up to 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of 20 million Euros.

Tip: Make sure to train your staff on this important topic. Employees who don’t understand the key principles of data protection can put your business at risk.

7. Secure and Speed Up Your Website

Install an SSL Certificate to secure your website. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol, which encrypts information sent across the internet. An SSL Certificate makes information only readable for the intended recipient. It is essential to protect the user data, for example in the contact form.

Further security features like a secure code, up-to-date firewall, WordPress Plugins like Wordfence, and strong passwords help to protect your website from hackers.

In China, however, SSL can be a disadvantage, since the country wants to stay in control over the information available online. Encrypting data in China, for example, via SSL can lead to being blocked by the Great Firewall of China. As a result, most Chinese websites don’t have an SSL Certificate.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a system to deliver pages and other web content to users worldwide. It provides faster loading of your website and helps to improve the user experience. CloudFlare is one of the best CDN providers to speed up your website.

Another great way to speed up your website is by caching. It stores frequently accessed information like images and data in a so-called “cache” for easy and fast access by the website visitor. WordPress offers many Caching Plugins, which are easy to install and use.

Furthermore, page speed is crucial for excellent user experience and for search engines to crawl (assess) your website. Evaluate your page speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Tip: SSL also improves your search engine ranking. Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest way for site owners to boost their SEO ranking.

8. SEO and Social Media Marketing

Now that you have your website, customers need to be able to find it. Search engines like Google provide an overview of the 1.5 billion websites worldwide. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to the success of a website.

Keywords are the heart of SEO. The right phrases enable your target audience to find the most relevant content for their needs. One of the most popular SEO research tools is SEMRush. It’s extensive database and algorithms help you to find profitable keywords easily.

Tip: Write content that adds value for the reader first, then optimize for search engines. User values can be for example how to save money or how to improve their quality of life. A website marketing company can help you to save time and money with their expertise.

9. Continuous Optimization

Continuously analyze and track the performance of your web pages and seek improvements. Parameters can be page speed, SEO ranking, fresh design, and relevant content.

This will help you to improve the user experience, keep your audience happy, and attract new customers.

Tip: Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics tools. Evaluate your audience data, compare traffic trends, and get to know your top conversion paths.

A powerful tool for communication

A website helps to establish the credibility of a business. According to the European Commission, 77% of EU businesses have a website. And one out of four used internet advertising in 2018.

Within your website, you can set up an online store to sell your products and services. Also consider creating content, which is attractive for your target audience – a blog is a great way to draw visitors and engage with them.

The key to a powerful online presence is an integrated online marketing strategy. Your business homepage and social media activities go hand in hand to create the best synergetic effects.

And most importantly, a website allows search engines like Google to find you. The goal is to be ranked on page number one of the results.

Create a Website with Impact

From the technical setup of a website to content creation for the global market and digital marketing – you now know the 9 steps on how to build a website. Welcome to the league of website builders!

Outsource tasks like web design services or digital marketing to focus on other aspects of your business.

A powerful online presence with an integrated online marketing strategy is the key to a successful business. Your business website and social media activities go hand in hand to create an attractive environment for your audience.

Take a Shortcut – Get Help to Develop a Website

Do you feel overwhelmed by this? Or do you simply want to focus on other aspects of your business?

Tenba Group is the digital marketing agency of your choice. We are your experts in all things digital – from web design to website marketing. We offer customized solutions in English, Chinese, and German.

And all of that at an affordable cost – our web development services won’t break your bank.

9 Step Guide to create a great website

Are you curious? Test our services with our FREE CONSULTATION! In the meantime, also take a look at our FAQ section and this year’s best WordPress Plugins. Contact us today to get started!

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