Generate Leads Online & Sell Products as a Marketing Agency

Are you curious about smart ways to generate leads online? If you have an agency for online or digital marketing, you are certainly familiar with lead generation. But how does it look in practice?

Is it possible to create products and services for a marketing business or agency and to sell these without even owning them?

Yes, it is! It can be tough, especially in the beginning. But if you do your research right and implement your strategy thoroughly, your efforts will pay off. In this week’s Tenba Group blog article, we would like to tell you our story, share what we have learned and where we hope to go in the future.

A Brief History of Tenba Group

Tenba Group was successfully established in 2018 by Christian Schuster, a German entrepreneur, and digital nomad, as a digital marketing agency in Cyprus. The focus is on digitalization, in particular, hospitality and real estate digital marketing, and Chinese marketing to unlock the potential of this skyrocketing market.

Generate Leads Online and Sell Products as a Marketing Agency

As a Cyprus Ltd and with its office in Paphos, Tenba Group also explored the business opportunities on our beautiful Mediterranean island. We quickly found that there is a high number of so-called HNWI, high-net-worth individuals, especially foreigners from China, Russia, and Arab countries.

Since Cyprus is a member of the EU and Eurozone, these investors often seek to buy real estate in Cyprus, in order to obtain a Cyprus permanent residency, Cyprus citizenship respectively a Cyprus passport.

Exploring New Business Opportunities

However, there was no centralized platform for this group of internationals, where they can find Cyprus real estate in various languages together with a variety of useful information and services around living in Cyprus.

Besides, every real estate developer and agency has its own website, often with minimal or even no digital marketing (SEO, social media, PR). That’s because the marketing for these platforms is often done by the implementing partners through personal networks and contacts.

Therefore, Tenba Group identified the opportunity and in September 2019, My Kypros Home (MKH) was born. This platform now offers a variety of Cyprus properties together with services like Cyprus company set up, medical tourism, insurances and retiring in Cyprus.

Now, you may ask yourself, how My Kypros Home is profitable by generating leads, and how your business can benefit? So, without further ado, here is a 6 step guideline on how to generate leads online for your service business or agency, spiced up with our personal experience during the set-up of My Kypros Home. Let’s get started!

How to Generate Leads Online

You may wonder, why generating leads is so important in the first place? Lead generation refers to the process of identifying and engaging with potential customers and converting their interest in buying a business’s products or services.

So, even with an average product, more leads means more revenue. And more revenue usually means more profit.

Generate Leads Online and Sell Products as a Marketing Agency

For your business, your goal is to guide potential customers through your Marketing & Sales Funnel, so they ultimately buy your product or service. Today, lead generation refers to the stages from awareness to interest, consideration, intent, and evaluation. Only the purchase itself is referred to as the final sales stage.

  1. Decide Your Strategy

    • Generally speaking, running a business to generate qualified leads is a lucrative venture. Depending on your business model, you can work with strategic partnerships to sell the products and carry out the services for which you generate leads. Or you can do this by yourself. However, this requires more effort including cash flow, storage, and human resources.
    • Some companies also outsource their lead generation processes to save time. However, without active lead generation efforts, it is difficult to grow and scale up your business.
    • My Kypros Home: In our case, owning products and carrying out services on by ourselves, was too big an investment for a small start-up business. And also, there was no need for it as there are many businesses in Cyprus, offering exactly the services and products we had in mind. Therefore, we identified MKH’s added value and key strength in bringing the two groups together – international investors and local service providers. We decided to work with trusted strategic partners and use our platform as a highly efficient marketing machine for them. Our partners pay a small fee for this promotional service.
  2. Keep your audience in mind

    • Knowing who will benefit and gain value from your products or services, is the key to understanding where to find and how to engage with your potential customers.
    • My Kypros Home: We figured that being a bridge for international investors to new construction projects in Cyprus and getting around on the island, could be a helpful service. Especially for entrepreneurs and business owners, expats and retirees.
    • Tip: Check your current customer base and your competition. Try to walk in the shoes of your potential target audience. What kind of problems do they have? What would add value to their business or personal life?
  3. Optimize your web page for conversions

    • Now that you have your strategy in place and know your target group, it’s time to start generating leads. Besides social media, your own website is a must to drive traffic and build a customer base. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized to capture a prospect’s contact details (name, email address), interests and any other information that will help you in the selling process.
    • My Kypros Home: At My Kypros Home, we use a sleek and straight-forward design, based on the easy-to-use web design program WordPress, to welcome our visitors. We make sure that our web page loads fast, and provide many points of contact, where potential customers can get in touch with us. We are also in the process of setting up video interviews and a newsletter to provide added value and information in exchange for contact details.
    • Tips: Using video on your landing pages can increase conversion by up to 86%. Include a call-to-action (CTA) at the top of each page and throughout your whole website. Make sure that your business appears at the top of the most relevant search engine, Google. Local SEO, both on-page and off-page and PPC via Keywords or Display Ads are crucial elements for this.
  4. Directly engage with leads

    • Did you know that only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy? Therefore, engaging directly with potential customers should be a top priority. For example, through live chat, forums and help centers. Since the majority of website visitors need more incentive to make that final click on the buy-now button, further points of engagement are a must.
    • My Kypros Home: On our website, we currently engage with our audience via email. As a next step, we plan to implement live chat and we are curious about testing chatbots as well.
    • Tip: Did you know that marketers who follow up with online leads within 5 minutes are up to 9 times more likely to convert them? Live chats and pop-up windows, for example for a quiz or newsletter sign-up, are a widely-used way to engage with your audience.
  5. Digital Marketing

    • From social media and influencer marketing to question-and-answer platforms like Quora, email marketing and other blogs – the world of social media marketing is colorful and diverse. Identifying the right social media page and online platforms for your niche and target audience will help you to get more value for your expenses.
    • With an abundance of information available at everyone’s fingertips, providing added value to your audience is a must. You can share videos on youtube, offer free downloads like ebooks, cheat sheets and other printables, host a webinar, create infographics, write an informative blog post and much more. This is called content marketing. Unique and high-quality content is a long term asset for you as it attracts traffic to your website beyond its publishing date.
    • My Kypros Home: We are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate online lead. Focusing on a maximum of 3 social media platforms has widely proven to be an efficient and successful strategy.
    • Tip: Comment on other people’s blogs and offer to write guest blog posts to establish yourself as an industry thought leader and collect valuable backlinks.
    • Tip: Automate your business processes wherever you can, for example, marketing automation for email marketing.
  6. From lead to sales

    • Finally, it is time to convert the interested prospect into a paying customer. The client has all the information he or she needs, has done his or her research and is now ready to purchase. Congratulations!
    • My Kypros Home: Since we just started operations, our clients currently benefit from a very personalized service throughout all lead and sales stages. It is our goal to keep up this individual approach as we grow.
    • Tip: Make sure to guide your client through the sales process, offering assistance and helping with any last-minute concerns. Follow up after the purchase to make sure the customer is happy with his product or service and to potentially engage further, like asking for a review and offering complementary products or services.

This is your practical 6 step guide on how to generate leads online, including Tenba Group’s experience in the process of setting up our own lead generation platform. For most industries, the median conversion rate is around 3-5%. Following the 6 steps above will help you to increase this ratio.

My Kypros Home

Today, My Kypros Home is a hero project of Tenba Group, offering 6 main services related to living in Cyprus. By offering our services in English, Chinese and German, we add additional value to our audience.

  1. Connecting international investors with attractive apartments and houses for sale in Cyprus
  2. Education – selection and enrollment in universities and schools
  3. Cyprus medical tourism packages –  including specialized surgeries like limb lengthening surgery
  4. Cyprus company set up
  5. Retire in Cyprus
  6. Insurances – from health to home and travel

If you are planning to move to Cyprus or if you want to learn more about our story and our services, My Kypros Home is happy to answer your questions.

The Takeaway

Congratulations! You now learned all about lead generation in digital marketing, why you need to get more leads, how to generate leads online and many practical tips and lead generation strategies.

Generate leads online and sell products as a marketing agency

Tenba Group is your trusted digital marketing agency and China marketing agency. We focus on website optimization services and real estate SEO. Contact us if you want to generate more leads for your business, for example, via Facebook real estate leads.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. For us to support our blogging activities, we may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for our endorsement, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this blog post. We only recommend or endorse products and services that we approve of and value, and feel would be helpful for our readers.

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