Advantages of Cloud Hosting over traditional web hosting for your business

An Industry Expert reveals – Advantages of Cloud Hosting over traditional web hosting for your business

In today’s world, it is no secret that an online presence is a vital part of any successful business. This ideally consists of a modern website combined with an integrated social media presence and a digital marketing strategy.

To run any website a web hosting service is necessary. In one of our past blog posts, Tenba Group already explained the difference between traditional web hosting and cloud hosting.

This week, it is Tenba Group’s great pleasure to further share industry insight from Cloudways. Cloudways provides managed hosting to empower businesses with agility to unleash their potential for growth.

In this interview with Cloudways, read up on the advantages of cloud hosting over traditional web hosting – also known as traditional shared hosting – for your business. Discover industry insights and the innovative hosting platform called Cloudways.

What is the difference between traditional web hosting and cloud hosting?

Before going into details, I would like to highlight the most important reason why businesses and agencies choose cloud hosting – Performance. Cloud hosting offers a considerably superior level of performance thanks to its distributed architecture and the simplicity of the solution.

What is the difference between traditional web hosting and cloud hosting?

In particular, traditional shared hosting and cloud hosting differs in several important points:

  1. Resources Allocation
    • Shared hosting hosts websites on a physical server where all resources are shared (often unequally) among the websites. In contrast, cloud hosting ensures virtually limitless resources for the applications.
  2. Flexibility & Scalability
    • This is where cloud hosting has clear superiority over shared hosting. Shared hosting is limited by the physical specifications of the servers. When the resource consumption hits the upper limit, the vendor has to either upgrade the machine or add a whole new server machine to accommodate the growing requirements of the clients.
  3. Control over the Server
    • Shared hosting solutions often control access to the underlying operating system (OS) layer and thus the users are restricted in their choice of what OS and supporting applications and libraries they can use. In contrast, cloud hosting presents much wider control over how users can customize their servers and install the required software.

Why is hosting on the cloud becoming more popular?

Cloud hosting is becoming popular simply because of the reliability of the available solutions. Since all businesses now depend on their internet presence for marketing and bulk of revenue generation, a dependable cloud-based hosting solution is no more a luxury. Besides, cloud hosting offers the best cost to benefits ratio and thus it is a simple business decision.

Why should someone use Cloudways?

Cloudways is ideal for all users who either lack the technical expertise or time to manage their cloud servers. Cloudways greatly simplifies the process of cloud server management by abstracting the complexities of launching and day-to-day management of the servers.

From server provisioning to security, Cloudways assumes the role of a sysadmin and ensures a consistently high quality of cloud hosting so that our users could focus on their business rather than worrying about the availability and performance of their websites.

Which type of companies can best benefit from Cloudways’ services?

Cloudways is the perfect fit for everyone from solo entrepreneurs to mid-to-large businesses. On one hand, our platform is so simple that a user with minimum technical know-how can launch a cloud server with the application of their choice. On the other, the platform is robust enough to handle enterprise-level hosting requirements and accommodate a larger team with varied server and application access requirements.

How is Cloudways different from other web hosting services?

Cloudways is different from all other web hosting services because of three important reasons:

  1. Choice
    • Cloudways is perhaps one of the very few hosting providers that offer the choice of five IaaS providers: AWS, GCE, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr.
  2. Flexibility
    • While most providers support just one or a couple of applications, Cloudways supports almost all PHP based applications, including custom PHP apps.
  3. Support
    • Cloudways is a customer-first business. Customer feedback is essential for product improvements. In addition to conventional ticket-based support, our customers can contact us through Live Chat and related channels for fast resolution of the issues.

Where are your servers located?

The servers are located in the data centers of our IaaS partners (Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, and Vultr). The benefit is that a user can opt from 60+ datacenters from any of these pros.

We heard that there is a bit of a learning curve. How much technical expertise does one need to use Cloudways?

We designed our platform to be so user-friendly that a user with minimum technical expertise can use it. In many cases, the user only needs to know their app while we handle server management. Most of the platform operations are point-and-click and toggle based.

The Advantages of Cloudways


Every action is explained through tooltips and on-screen content. Besides, we have a comprehensive knowledge base that further explains the platform operation and processes. All this is supported by prompt responses by our expert support team. Cloudways offers 24/7 expert support to all its customers. This issue resolution through tickets and Live Chat. The support caters to all server-level issues raised by the customers.

Cloud hosting is still relatively new. Is it safe and reliable?

Cloud hosting has been around for almost a decade and has now become the industry standard for liable and dependable hosting solutions. Security is the cornerstone of cloud hosting. All cloud hosting providers ensure full security for all users. Since the resource availability is not an issue, cloud hosting is perhaps the most dependable and reliable hosting solution available today.

Cloudways offers many different hosting plans. Which one is right for me?

We believe that all hosting plans are an expression of our core value “choice”. As far as the choice of the right hosting plan is concerned, the user must have clear hosting related requirements. This includes the resource requirements for normal daily operations and peak resource consumption.

The takeaway

You have gained valuable insight and knowledge on the advantages of cloud hosting over traditional web hosting for your business. You discovered industry insights and got to know the cloud hosting provider Cloudways.

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