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7 Top Real Estate Digital Marketing Hacks in 2019 – Marketing Agency reveals Benefits for Your Business

With digitalization conquering every part of our lives, a modern website combined with an integrated online strategy is essential for the success of any company.

This is true for all sectors, not only digital-native start-ups and high-tech super companies. In this week’s Tenba Group blog article we will take a closer look at real estate digital marketing. We will reveal how a digital marketing agency can help you to skyrocket your licensed real estate business and conquer the online market.

7 Best Real Estate Digital Marketing Hacks in 2019

Discover the digital marketing trends and hacks of the real estate industry. Find out how to unlock the power of digital marketing for your licensed real estate business, agency or online platform.

7 Best Real Estate Digital Marketing Hacks in 2019
  1. Use Your Agency Website as Central Communication Point 
    • There is a sheer unlimited amount of social platforms, rating websites, and other online channels, where your business can shine. However, since those are not your own sites, the rules can change any time and you may not have any control over the content and the protection of your data anymore. Can you believe that only 26% of realtors have their own website?
    • Tip: Smart real estate business owners put their focus back on their own website as a core part of their digital marketing strategy. From there, they leverage other channels (social media, email marketing, etc.) to draw buyers and sellers to their own website. With the right web design tools, creating a modern website is possible for everyone.
  2. Achieve Higher Ranks on Search Engines
    • A main search ranking factor on Google – the biggest and for some the best search engine worldwide – for a local business is the proximity to the person submitting the search. This means, if someone searches for “real estate agent”, Google will return the closest local real estate businesses as the top results.
    • Tip: As Google now puts more emphasis on Google Reviews, having an updated Google My Business account can help you to rank higher on Google search results. And we all know: Having a good business is one thing, but your audience also needs to be able to find you. Stay ahead of your competition in the real estate markets! 
    • Tip: Another way to achieve higher results on top search engines is SEO. Search engine marketing is a technique, which is often outsourced to a digital marketing agency, to avoid common SEO mistakes
  3. Be Social on Social Media
    • People around the world love social media websites and their mobile apps. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. This certainly also applies to the real estate sector. Social media is easy, fun and interactive to use.
    • Tip: Make sure to have an account on the top social media sites and be active! Create interesting content for your audience and publish updates on social sites regularly. Make sure to engage with your audience, answer to comments and questions. Most importantly, make sure that your listings can be shared easily, for example through the share button or messenger. Also ensure that you have an integrated social media marketing strategy, which links your activities to all your online channels, including your website.
  4. Unlock the Power of Facebook Advertising
    • As you probably know, Facebook is the most popular social media in the world with almost 2.4 billion users. While sharing listings and interesting real estate content for free, you might also want to consider Facebook Ads to boost your business with product placement.
    • Tip: Plan a Facebook Business Ads campaign depending on your goal and budget. Increase the outreach to potential clients and position your business as a top brand for your target audience. 
  5. Start a Blog to Connect with Your Target Audience
    • Creating relevant content is essential for every sector and business. However, in the real estate industry, blogging does not seem to have caught on yet. Only 23% of realtors have a blog
    • Tip: There are many benefits of blogging for your business, including engaging with your audience and improving your ranking on search engines. Forward-thinking real estate professionals write about their city’s or country’s lifestyle, financing, education, and healthcare system, and much more.
  6. Use Video to Highlight Your Properties
    • While videos are not new, the ease of access to technology and increased use of mobile devices make videos a powerful real estate marketing trend. So far, only 14% of realtors use video to promote their properties. And those who use it can generate revenue faster. 
    • Tip: Create a virtual tour of your property with videos and/or drone shots to set yourself apart from other real estate agents. Make sure to showcase the highlights of your property, and to include a call to action at the end of your video. Important: make sure not to infringe any personal or property rights, and don’t film people who didn’t consent to it in writing.
    • Tip: If you have an unfurnished property, the use of AR (Augmented Reality) is gaining relevance for potential clients to see it furnished and personalized. This technology can also be interesting for potential buyers who live too far away from the property.
  7. Develop a Real Estate Email Newsletter
    • Email marketing has benefits to the recipient and the sender. The recipient gets access to top property listings, maybe even before they are publically listed, and other relevant information. The sender, in this case, your licensed real estate business, can grow its network and build an audience list. Make sure to follow the GDPR law to ensure the protection of personal data.
    • Tip: Publish a regular real estate newsletter via email. You can highlight your latest listings and other useful news. Make sure to link to your website, blog and other online channels. With programs like MailChimp, it’s relatively easy to set up an online newsletter, even for tech newbies.
    • Tip: It’s no secret that location is one of the key factors in real estate. Even as information becomes more available, there are still gaps that search engines cannot fill. That’s where “hyper-localizing” as a real estate agent can put you ahead of your competition. Your licensed real estate business will be more successful if you offer “one-stop-shopping solutions” like real estate financing services and work with local partners.
7 Best Real Estate Digital Marketing Hacks in 2019

Now you know the 7 top real estate digital marketing hacks in 2019. Tenba Group, the real estate digital marketing agency of your choice, revealed the benefits for your business and provided practical tips.

The takeaway

Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote your business. SEO (content marketing), and social media engagement take a bit of time to reveal their magic. But it certainly pays off in the long term run.

The above trends in real estate digital marketing certainly are practical, profitable and forward-thinking. Get ahead of the competition today to strive with your business tomorrow!

How a Digital Marketing Agency can help you Boost Your Business

Do you need help to create a WordPress-based user-friendly website? Or are you thinking about outsourcing the optimization of your online content with SEO, the set-up and management of popular social media platforms including Facebook Ads?

Tenba Group specializes in real estate digital marketing services. We provide results-driven digital marketing services to make your life easy and save you time, energy and money. Our digital agency services are affordable and won’t break your bank.

7 top real estate digital marketing hacks in 2019 - digital marketing agency reveals

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