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Mautic by - the 2020 Mautic Marketing Automation Review

Mautic by – the 2020 Mautic Marketing Automation Review

Are you looking for a Mautic Marketing Automation Review in 2020? Or are you wondering what marketing automation is all about in the first place? What has got to do with it all? Look no further! In this week’s blog article by Tenba Group, we tap into automated marketing, the open source solution called Mautic and reveal the features

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Sina Weibo - Chinese Social Media - Tenba Group 4

What is Sina Weibo? Know Your Chinese Social Media!

Are you wondering what is Sina Weibo? Is Chinese Social Media a jungle of information for you? Look no further! In this weeks’ blog article by Tenba Group, we take a deep dive into Sina Weibo, the second-largest social media platform in China. But watch out, Douyin respectively TikTok, the Chinese short video apps, is starting to catch up fast!

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How to start Affiliate Marketing - for business owners and marketers - Tenba Group - 1

How to Start Affiliate Marketing – for business owners and marketers

Affiliate marketing is a massive opportunity both for businesses and marketers alike. Businesses can get more of their products and services sold. At the same time, marketers, influencers, and even other businesses can further build out their revenue streams. Learn how to start affiliate marketing in this blog post. In fact, 15% of total digital media advertising revenue is attributed

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How to launch an app in China – Conquer the Chinese app market

An intro marketing guide on how to launch an app in China and conquer the Chinese app market with your digital product. China is becoming the next target for businesses and startup founders. The challenge is how to enter the market and stay there. The mobile app and web app market is no different when it comes to breaking the

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7 Tips for Doing Business in China – Chinese Business Etiquette

Are you interested in doing business in China? Or are you wondering about the Chinese business etiquette? These are certainly excellent questions! The Chinese economy is the world’s second-largest economy by nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which is an estimated 14.2 trillion USD in 2019. It is the world’s largest economy by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity), which is an estimated

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