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12 China Ecommerce Market Trends 2020

The China ecommerce market is the largest in the world with a volume of 1.94 trillion USD in 2019. That is plus 27% year over year and a quarter of China’s total retail sales volume. As such, China’s ecommerce sector is more than three times the size of the US market, which ranks second. Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, these numbers

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Top 3 Chinese Social Media Trends in 2020

Top 3 Chinese Social Media Trends in 2020

The social media market in China has its own rhythm and flow. The world’s leading social platforms like Facebook and Instagram can’t be accessed in the Middle Kingdom, except LinkedIn. Therefore, new social media platforms have emerged for the Chinese population. WeChat, QQ, Douyin/TikTok, Sina Weibo and RED Book (Xiao Hong Shu) are the most popular of them. Now, which

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4 x WeChat Marketing in China

4 x WeChat Marketing in China

If you are planning on entering the Chinese market, a presence on WeChat and WeChat marketing in China is basically a must. At Tenba Group, we have already published a few WeChat articles – from beginner to advanced topics: Introduction to Chinese Social Media platforms WeChat Advertising Types – banners, moments, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) WeChat Stickers as a marketing

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Coronavirus - Curse or Blessing for China Ecommerce Market

Coronavirus – Curse or Blessing for China Ecommerce Market?

For years, China’s economy and the China ecommerce market have been booming. Seemingly without an end in sight. Last year alone, the Middle Kingdom’s retail ecommerce sales increased by a third to 1.9 trillion USD. Now, does the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan (central China) in December 2019 threaten not only the health and well-being of people in

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Xiao Hong Shu influencer and social marketing for your business

Xiao Hong Shu Influencer & Social Marketing

As businesses around the world strive to reach a new generation of consumers, one social commerce platform in China stands out. Of course, we refer to RED aka the Little Red Book. Reaching millennials and Gen-Z youth with Xiao Hong Shu influencer and social marketing has never been more engaging. RED was one of the most popular apps in China

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Your TikTok marketing strategy

Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

If there is a teenager around you, you have surely heard of TikTok. But this Chinese video-sharing platform is more than a teen favorite. It holds many opportunities for your business to raise awareness and create leads with a simple and engaging TikTok marketing strategy. Did you know that in 2019, TikTok was the most downloaded app of the Apple

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