A Guide to Using Moz Domain Authority to Rank Higher

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric system that allows businesses to define how well their websites are doing on search engines compared to their competitors’. Successful online marketing revolves around not only a commanding digital presence but also searchable content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies seek to get the right information to the right audience. 

domain authority

This week’s article explores the topic of Domain Authority, introduces Moz as a leading SEO software company, and how to utilize this tool to improve your website’s rankings in search results.

What is Moz Domain Authority?

To begin with, Domain Authority is a ranking score for search engines developed by Moz that helps to estimate which websites will rank better on the result pages of search engines. The scores are calculated from 1 to 100, with 100 having the greatest ability to rank. The score can be used for comparisons to other websites to track the strength and quality of a website over time.

The score takes into account several factors on the domain’s or subdomain’s content. Some of the most significant factors for the score are the root domain of links as well as the total number of links. Scores are difficult to radically change right away. It is easier to increase a score from 30 to 40, rather than 30 to 70.

But what exactly qualifies as a good Domain Authority score? Incredibly huge websites with a large number of rich external links, such as Wikipedia, can command the top marks on the DA scale. Medium to small business websites have less inbound links. This means that there are fewer links from other quality websites linking back to these websites. The value of other websites linking to a website is higher than a website linking to itself.

domain authority

Returning to medium and small businesses, many of their links are internal links among their own content rather than inbound links from other quality websites. Thus, these websites tend to get lower Domain Authority scores. New websites almost always begin with a Domain Authority score of one.

In fact, Moz Domain Authority just recently announced a new change to its training algorithm. The new model is able to look not only at link counts but consider spam links, quality link distribution, and traffic. This makes the new Domain Authority model better at scoring websites that had not ranked for any keywords in the past and can bypass, removing, spam from its Domain Authority scoring metric to prevent link manipulation.

It is important to note that the Domain Authority is not Page Authority. A Domain Authority score is a predictive metric ranking the entire domain or subdomain. On the other hand, Page Authority is a separate score from Moz that predicts the successful ranking of a specific page during search engine results. Page Authority not only takes into consideration link counts but also over 40 other factors such as keyword use. Google does not use Domain Authority or Page Authority scores when yielding search engine results. However, given the factors, Moz uses to determine both Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics scores, such as page speed, backlinks, and keywords, the same used by Google, businesses can use these scores to account for better SEO practices.

Why Should You Strive for High DA?

While search engine websites such as Google do not use Domain Authority as a metric to determine search rankings, Domain Authority as a result of its link-based metric scores does help businesses provide better quality content and achieve greater SEO success.

Domain Authority is meant to be a comparative-based tool to aid businesses as they attempt to gauge their competition and figure out how they rank in comparison. A high Domain Authority score should not be a singularly-focused goal. Instead, Domain Authority is a powerful tool to gather research into better link-building platforms.


The new changes of the Moz Domain Authority include an index of 35 trillion links. These links provide Moz Domain Authority with more and newer link data for metric scores that more closely resemble real search engine results order. A higher Domain Authority score ensures that a website is practicing good SEO techniques. Slowly working to improve the score can keep a company competitive with its content and marketing as well as improve its overall digital service on an online platform constantly evolving.

Utilizing Moz Domain Authority to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

Moz, as a leading SEO software company, created its Domain Authority and Page Authority algorithms that use machine learning models with link data from actual search results as a standard.

Moreover, Moz generated a scoring system that is hard to influence directly. Just as search engine sites such as Google take into account many factors, businesses looking to improve their website competitiveness must also engage with many factors.

The most significant way to improve your website’s ranking on search engines as well as improve its Domain Authority score is to commit to better SEO tactics. This includes creating better content for a website that is rich in appropriate and low-medium competitive keyword themes. It also includes content that provides value through either utility, emotional, or point of view directives for the searcher and reader.

Further, content that presents a variety of structures is more engaging to readers. This might mean including infographics or a video series. This variety of content structure can then be used as links to other channels, increasing link-building opportunities.

domain authority

Finally, use Moz Domain Authority to find quality link-sharing platforms. Generating more links both internally and externally, and then working to get your website featured as other sites’ external links, will strengthen the score.

Moz offers that paid packages Moz Pro and Moz Local to help businesses with their SEO strategies, link-building opportunities, and keyword research. However, anyone with the Chrome internet browser can download the free MozBar, an all-in-one SEO toolbar, for research while online. Once installed as a Chrome Extension, Domain Authority and other important metrics for that website can be viewed with a simple click of the Moz icon.

The Takeaway

Getting found during search results is an important marketing strategy as businesses eagerly seek for their websites to rank higher. SEO techniques and link-building opportunities increase the odds that a business will be matched to its appropriate online audience, leading to greater digital branding success. Moz Domain Authority is a links-based metric system that helps provide clarity into the oftentimes confusing and daunting world of search engine optimization. It can help businesses navigate and compare their efforts alongside their competitors. It is also a valuable assessment tool for achieving SEO success.

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